Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Google TV: Bring Web to the TV

Google has finally made its foray from the small screen to the big screen

Google TV is an effort to finally brig Web to the TV set. It certainly not have a new idea, but till now web sites have never been designed with TV sets in mind, limiting the usefulness of such device
What Google want to bring to the TV experience , is the power and flexibility of the web, but in the form factor that can be really enjoyed on the TV screens . The aim is to make watching your TV a social experience , just like web videos on youtube or matecafe. Nowadays we want to watch stuff which has a little personal relevance, stuff our friends like and post.
Google TV also bring the power of search your TV set . With Google TV you can simply search what you are looking for in the embedded browser , instead of changing channels.
Google TV will be based on the open source Android OS with the Google Chrome browser , Google Will soon release a TV SDK for developing Android application designed for TV sets, and Android market shall host such application . Google is encouraging developers to starts considering TV as possible interfaces for websites as well.
Google is also embracing Adobe Flash in their Chrome browser for TVs and set tops, which will feature Adobe Flash 10.1 with support for hardware accelerated playback of video content on the web.
I think current DTH technology is past and the future of our new TV experience will be web TV.......

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