Friday, June 25, 2010

AI for Games

The gaming industry has made great strides over the last few decades. Beginning with simple games, such as Pong* and Pac-Man*, which offered players a brief escape from reality, the environment has evolved into
games that offer an immersive experience, such as World of Warcraft and Call of Duty 4 why we forget Call of Duty 3 and latesr new relaease by EA Games Crysis , which for some players have become serious hobbies.Today’s gamers, who according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) have an average of 13 years of gaming under their belt, have grown accustomed to seeing each new game become increasingly complex, engaging, and intelligent. For developers, the challenge has become pushing the envelope to create games that are increasingly compelling. Computer-controlled artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved in many forms to meet the test. However, creating an adaptive foil for the player that can match their moves and encourage player growth is no simple task.
The core concept behind AI is decision making. To execute these choices, the intelligent system must be able to affect the entities using the AI system. You can organize this execution in either an “AI push” or an “entity pull” strategy. AI push systems tend to isolate the AI system as a separate element of the game architecture. Such a strategy often takes on the form of a separate thread or threads in which the AI spends its time calculating the best choices given the game options. When the AI makes a decision, that decision is then broadcast to the entities involved. This approach works best in real-time strategy games, in which the AI is concerned with the big picture.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

iOS 4.0 for Ipod 3g Mc User

21 June apple release its new os 4 named as ios 4 for iphone and ipod user , but in ipod 3g which is basically not 3g its have same hardware as 2g updated bootrom and nothing else. just released whit the 3rd generation iPod Touch (32 & 64 GB models).and after upate os 4.0 there is no Multitasking and Home screen and Battery percentage . ,
According to apple ipod 2g and 3g Mc model not having the efficient hardware for multitasking and homescreen, ios also use more space iOS 3 you had about 40mb left for apps and stuff, the new OS leaves you with 10 to 12mb and thats after a fresh restart. I've already tried free memory and System activity monitor neither works well anymore.
I have ipod 3g mc model but after updating from os 3.1.2 to iOS 4.0 i am not much happy with this new apple iOS 4. this os is not good for iphone 3g , ipod 2g and 3g mc user. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Android overtake iphone

Finally the prediction that one day Android Os would overtake iphone OS has come true!
Still, it is more of Treatment to appeal of the iphone , that is has taken dozons of devices by featuring the same Android Operating System to overtake tha iphone OS which is only offered on three smartphone devices, the iphone 2G , the iphone 3G, and the iphone 3GS.
RIM Still maintains its position though, andwith share of 36% it  is clear ahead of both Android and iphone OS Android is now should place with share of 28%, while the iphone OS at 21%.
While the news isn' unexpected in fact it was always a matter of whenrather than if the fact that it has happened so fast is impressive .It has been less than 2 years since the release of the first version of Android , which was used on very few devices. It is only with the release of Android 1.5 that the OS started appearing on devices
In this short history Android has gone from a few HTC phones to over to dozen phones, from half of dozen manufacturers , and with tablet and even notebook device on the way. there is no stopping Android now.. 
But after release of new iphone 4.0 Apple want to show off that it is still in the battlefield ...itroduced new multitasking function  and many more new application in new iOS 4.0..
keep Watching What Happened.....?

Make Books off Wikipedia

Pediapress ( is a Germany based media partner site enabling all the wiki users(even unregistered users) to have print support for the wikipediaarticles. If you are doing some researches on wikipedia-palnning a tour , may be -and want results later in your hand when you wan't have internet access, or just prefer paper, then Pediapress is the way to go. Wikipedia offers a book creation feature : look for create book in the left Print/Export pane. All you have to do is to add the articles of your choice as the chapter of the book; then after going though the book manager (adding title, rearranging pages etc.), you have the book ready. Now choose book as a printed book to get redirected to pedia press website and there you can customize the cover page, cover images etc, or add your name as the author of the book. 
The printed book will cost you approx $10 -or about Rs. 500, and you get printed book shipped to you in days. You will also be supporting the wikimedia foundation, as 10 percent of the profit goes directly to that organization. 
There are option to download a soft copy as PDF of ODF from wikipedia itself; but as i said earlier , this is for one who prefer it old school, and are still in love with paper.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Google TV: Bring Web to the TV

Google has finally made its foray from the small screen to the big screen

Google TV is an effort to finally brig Web to the TV set. It certainly not have a new idea, but till now web sites have never been designed with TV sets in mind, limiting the usefulness of such device
What Google want to bring to the TV experience , is the power and flexibility of the web, but in the form factor that can be really enjoyed on the TV screens . The aim is to make watching your TV a social experience , just like web videos on youtube or matecafe. Nowadays we want to watch stuff which has a little personal relevance, stuff our friends like and post.
Google TV also bring the power of search your TV set . With Google TV you can simply search what you are looking for in the embedded browser , instead of changing channels.
Google TV will be based on the open source Android OS with the Google Chrome browser , Google Will soon release a TV SDK for developing Android application designed for TV sets, and Android market shall host such application . Google is encouraging developers to starts considering TV as possible interfaces for websites as well.
Google is also embracing Adobe Flash in their Chrome browser for TVs and set tops, which will feature Adobe Flash 10.1 with support for hardware accelerated playback of video content on the web.
I think current DTH technology is past and the future of our new TV experience will be web TV.......