Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Android overtake iphone

Finally the prediction that one day Android Os would overtake iphone OS has come true!
Still, it is more of Treatment to appeal of the iphone , that is has taken dozons of devices by featuring the same Android Operating System to overtake tha iphone OS which is only offered on three smartphone devices, the iphone 2G , the iphone 3G, and the iphone 3GS.
RIM Still maintains its position though, andwith share of 36% it  is clear ahead of both Android and iphone OS Android is now should place with share of 28%, while the iphone OS at 21%.
While the news isn' unexpected in fact it was always a matter of whenrather than if the fact that it has happened so fast is impressive .It has been less than 2 years since the release of the first version of Android , which was used on very few devices. It is only with the release of Android 1.5 that the OS started appearing on devices
In this short history Android has gone from a few HTC phones to over to dozen phones, from half of dozen manufacturers , and with tablet and even notebook device on the way. there is no stopping Android now.. 
But after release of new iphone 4.0 Apple want to show off that it is still in the battlefield ...itroduced new multitasking function  and many more new application in new iOS 4.0..
keep Watching What Happened.....?

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