Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Make Books off Wikipedia

Pediapress ( is a Germany based media partner site enabling all the wiki users(even unregistered users) to have print support for the wikipediaarticles. If you are doing some researches on wikipedia-palnning a tour , may be -and want results later in your hand when you wan't have internet access, or just prefer paper, then Pediapress is the way to go. Wikipedia offers a book creation feature : look for create book in the left Print/Export pane. All you have to do is to add the articles of your choice as the chapter of the book; then after going though the book manager (adding title, rearranging pages etc.), you have the book ready. Now choose book as a printed book to get redirected to pedia press website and there you can customize the cover page, cover images etc, or add your name as the author of the book. 
The printed book will cost you approx $10 -or about Rs. 500, and you get printed book shipped to you in days. You will also be supporting the wikimedia foundation, as 10 percent of the profit goes directly to that organization. 
There are option to download a soft copy as PDF of ODF from wikipedia itself; but as i said earlier , this is for one who prefer it old school, and are still in love with paper.